Britain’s Top Online Casinos Revealed

While we Brits enjoy gambling quite a lot and rarely miss the chance to place a bet, we also appreciate quality services and like playing with the best of the best. Because of this and since playing online instead of at land-based casinos is way more easy and accessible, the questions of which are Britain’s best online casinos and how to distinguish a good from a bad casino gain more and more popularity and importance. After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of gambling sites out there, so how do you tell which one is reliable and which one is rogue? This is exactly the type of issues we’ll tackle further down this article, plus here we’ll present you our honest, fact-based ranking of the top rated online casinos, starting with the deserving occupant of the first place – 888 Casino.

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Before we dive into these topics though, we want to make sure you know that all the casinos we feature on this page and on the site in general are licensed and strictly regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This means that if you choose any of the operators you see here, you’ll be guaranteed a safe and fair gaming experience and timely payout of your winnings. What more does a casino player need, really?

Your Top 5 at a Glance

The first step we took in order to filter out some of the casinos we considered for our ranking was to check whether or not they had a license. Needless to say, the operators that failed to demonstrate that they are authorised and regulated by a renowned gambling authority had no place here. From there on we proceeded by giving each operator a separate mark for their bonuses, software platforms, games, certifications and payout percentage. After we calculated their average score it turned out that the top 5 online casinos in the United Kingdom are: 888 Casino, Betfair, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Eurogrand.

Even though 888 is the overall top rated online casino, the others included in the ranking have their strong points and are definitely worth trying. For example Betfair, the number two in our ranking of the top 10 trustworthy online casinos, has a very unique proposal for the new players. Here all newcomers have the option to choose between 3 different welcome-bonus offers. On the other hand, the third in our ranking, Ladbrokes, has an incredibly diverse selection of games and a rich promotion calendar with daily bonus offers.

If you want to learn more about these and the other excellent casinos in our top 10, then we urge you to read the reviews we’ve prepared. You can find a full list of our detailed casino reviews on this page. There you’ll learn all you need to know about the software, the games and the bonuses that these operators offer and you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about them.

888 is Hands Down The Best Casino Site in the UK

In order to rate all the legal gambling sites in the United Kingdom and narrow them down to the ten best, we’ve checked their certifications, personally tested their software and evaluated their bonus offers, while following whether any terms and conditions change mid-promotion. Last but not least, we talked to many players about their personal experiences with the different operators and took into account their feedback. At the end of this challenging endeavour it was more than clear that 888 is way ahead of all their competitors in terms of both quality and quantity and deserves the first place in our ranking. On top of that, 888 has been named ‘Casino Operator of the Year’ multiple times by the EGR Awards and ranked number one casino by many of our fellow reviewers. Just continue reading to find out exactly how 888 stacks up against the other top online casinos or simply follow the link and try them for yourself!

What Are the Advantages of Playing in a Trusted and 100% Secure Online Casino

We Brits love gambling sometimes to the point of being reckless with our money and personal information, especially when it comes to playing online. We see a flashy offer and instinctively click on the ‘sign up’ button with no regard to our security or what we’re missing out on. The fact to the matter is that most players don’t realise the value in playing only at trusted and safe online casinos and avoiding the suspicious ones. They think that there isn’t much of a difference between the legal and the illegal online casinos, so they don’t really check if the sites they’re accessing are reliable. Here’s what they are missing on:

Furthermore, the top online casinos offer their customers bonuses with much fairer conditions than those offered by the operators in the grey legal area. After all, who needs a 500 percent bonus up to £3000 if the conditions state that the bonus has to be wagered 150 in order to be withdrawn. For comparison, the wagering requirements of the officially licensed online casinos usually are between 30 and 40 times the bonus amount. On top of that, all legal casinos allow their customers to wager their bonuses not only on slots, but on blackjack and roulette as well.

Except for offering better and more transparent bonus conditions, the reliable casino operators also encrypt all incoming and outgoing payments, so that your personal and bank information is safe from third-party attacks. However, should a problem occur, all legitimate and reputable online casinos have an excellent customer support service that you can contact 24/7. As for the ways you can contact the support, usually the operators give you the chance to contact them at least via phone, email and live chat, the last one being the overall player favourite.

Other Great Choices

Sure enough, there are more than 5 great casino sites on the UK market. There are many reputable sites and each every one of them might be the best for you depending on what you’re looking for. Here though, we want to take a minute to present you our latest additions in our casino listing:

New Casino Recommendation - InterCasino
£1500Welcome Bonus
Leo Vegas - Number One Mobile Casino
£1000Welcome Bonus

InterCasino just recently made it into our list of recommendations but certainly it was a long time due. The main reason for that is that this operator features many games from different software providers, which make their game selection quite unique. On top of that they have a very intuitive and responsive website which allows you to play from all types of devices, smartphones included.

The reasons for including Leo Vegas in our ranking were very similar to the ones for InterCasino. This is one of the newest casino sites on the market, but they have already made a great name for themselves, especially when it comes to their mobile platform. They are, in fact, the online casino that features the most games on mobile – over 280. Furthermore, they have a great live games section and feature games from many famous developers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

My Experience with Rogue Online Casinos and Internet Fraud

I think that you’ve already noticed that to us, the team of, security is very important. But why, you may ask. The truth is that we’ve all been playing real-money games for a long time, and even though nowadays things are not as bad as 15 years ago when Internet casinos were something new, we know better than to disregard the issues of licensing and safety. We’ve all been the victims of more or less obvious frauds and know how frustrating it can be to fight them. In the following paragraphs I will tell you about some of the troubles I’ve encountered when playing at illegal gambling sites:

.Rigged Games

Everybody knows about the infamous bad luck… Here, however, two things must be considered: the house edge and the deviations from the expected player’s probabilities to win. While the house edge ensures that the casino always wins in the long run, the serious deviations from the expected results can drive you crazy. One day it gets easy and you think you finally got the hang of it and then the next day nothing works any more. A suspicion of fraudulent behaviour on part of the casino arises, but can you prove anything? Yes, but only in some cases. You need to evaluate a sufficiently large number of hands or spins in order to make a serious statement about how much the results correspond to the mathematical probabilities. For example, if you look at the results of 1000 roulette spins, the distribution of reds and blacks should be close to 50:50 (don’t forget the zero!). If you get reds say 75% of the time, then there’s definitely something fishy about the casino you’re playing in and you definitely have a reason to be worried. This has happened to me and trust me, it wasn’t pleasant. What can you do to avoid similar situations? Play only at licensed gambling sites. By law, these casinos are audited by independent testing agencies on a regular basis and thus it is impossible for them to rig the games, even if they wanted to.

.Unfair Bonus Rules

All Internet casinos set certain terms and conditions for their bonus offers. The goals of these conditions is to prevent the immediate withdrawal of the bonus amount, since the purpose of these bonuses is to give the players the chance to play more. At the beginning of my experience with Internet gambling, I wasn’t aware of these rules and I was very surprised and quite frankly upset about the fact that I couldn’t withdraw my bonus right away. Then I found out that this is a common practice even among the top online casinos and that usually you have to wager the amount of your bonus at least 30-40 times before you can withdraw your funds. I was just calming down when I discovered that the casinos I was playing at had a playthrough requirement of 150! That was completely outrageous! I contacted the customer support to tell them that I renounce my bonus and just wanted my deposit back but they refused to do even that. Finally, I accepted the idea that I had to play the bonus 150, but two days later the conditions changed and it turned out that I had to play the bonus amount even more times. At the end I couldn’t do anything else but write off the money and move on to a another casino.

.Arbitrarily Suspended Accounts

This is another way for rogue casinos to scam you. You sign up for a casino, you start playing, you lose for a certain period of time, and then one lucky day you have a great win that makes up for all the bad fortune beforehand. And while the casino accepted you with open arms, helped you deposit and was very responsive while you were losing, one you win they decide to close your account. Why? They present flimsy, inconsistent motive and deny payout. The only thing you can do at this point is complain to the Gambling Authority that operates it, but if the casino is not licensed there’s no one who could protect you.

Overall, my experience has taught me one thing: Better safe than sorry! Usually the best online casinos have a little bit lower offers, but this is only because they are realistic and they really do pay out your winnings. So my advice to you is to always go with the legal operators. This way you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of playing real-money casino games online without any problems.

Licenses and Certification of the Safe Online Casinos in the UK

According to the latest amendments to the gambling law in Great Britain, all online gambling operators that want to offer their services to players residing in the country have to have a license issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. One way to check if the casino you’re considering playing at has been certified by the Commission is to check if it’s listed on their site. To do this faster, you can also use the Licensee Search Tool that the Gambling Commission has kindly provided for all British citizens who are interested in online gambling.

Another way to see whether or not a company has been licensed by the Gambling Commission is to check for a license number and a logo that leads to the official site of the regulatory body in the footer of the casino, as it is illustrated below:

Infographic: Licensed Online Casinos UK – LicensingUK's Best Online Casino Sites - Licences and Regulation

Having a license from the Gambling Commission is, of course, of maximum importance, but there are in fact other signs of the security and safety of a good online casino. The operator might have the best intentions and be absolutely honest and trustworthy, but what about the software provider that he has trusted with the development of their games? What about the encryption they use to encode the communications between the casino server and the player’s computer? And is the casino embracing the responsibility it has as a provider of gambling services to inform the players about Responsible Gambling. That’s exactly why the technical security and the social responsibility of the operator are of great importance as well. Here’s what you should be looking for:

Infographic: Technical Security of the Reliable Online CasinosTechnical Security and Player Protection at the Top Online Casinos in the UK

Renowned online casinos such as 888 and William Hill, not only have certificates to prove their technical security and social responsibility, but they also have been awarded with many titles and trophies in the course of the years. Both operators have, for example, won many EGR Awards. 888 has even won several times the two most prestigious awards in the gambling history – ‘Casino Operator of the Year’. That’s just another reason why we claim that 888 and William Hill are among the top online casinos in the UK.

This PDF checklist will help you determine if an online casino is safeOf course, the awards and the certifications are not the only way in which you can check if the casino you want to play at is secure, reputable and legitimate. You can use the many resources that the World Wide Web is offering you and learn about the operator straight from other players. You can read user comments in various forums, view complaints, read reviews and see videos of the casinos in order to get a better sense of what exactly the operator can offer you. If you want to try and find this information by yourself, we’ve prepared a checklist that you can follow in order to assess the casino. The file is available in PDF format that you can download or view directly in your browser.

What Are the Licensing Requirements in Great Britain?

In order for the Gambling Commission to issue a licence, the operator which is applying for it must present proof that it has the required resourced and competences to carry out such activity and that the company behind it is trustworthy and transparent. The Gambling Commission also watches out for money-laundering, manipulation and fraud and would never license an operator that fails to prove that it has nothing to do with such activities. Another important point for the gambling authority of the UK is to ensure that children could not access real-money gambling.

  • Gambling Commission
  • Roulette Games:Regulated
  • Blackjack Games:Regulated
  • Slot Games:Regulated
  • Licensing requirements:
  • Compliance with technical standards
  • Security payments system
  • Licensed gambling software
  • Anti-money laundering policy
  • Anti-fraud and corruption policy

What to Look for as a British Player?

All Brits should pay attention to the right factors when choosing a gambling site to play at. We’ve already covered most of them, but just in case, here are the most important things you should be looking for in an online casino:

British Gambling Licence: According to the latest changes in the gambling law, which came into force on 1 December 2014, all real-money games operators that offer their services to UK citizens must be licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Therefore, you can be sure that an Internet casino is truly reliable and safe only if it’s licensed by the Commission.

Technical Security: Playing at a reliable and trustworthy online casino is a must, but it’s also important that you are protected by third-party attacks and attempts at Internet fraud. This is why you should make sure that the site you’re accessing is using SSL encryption to protect the communication between the server of the casino and your computer.

The Most Popular Casino Site in the United Kingdom?

In the mind of many British players, if a virtual casinos is very popular, then it means that it has a good rep and the players there are happy. We’ve done a little research and discovered that the most popular casino in the UK is William Hill. This isn’t actually a big surprise as this operator has been in the gambling industry for more than 80 years and therefore they definitely know what they’re doing. Here’s what exactly you can expect from this operator:

  • William Hill Casino
  • Company Name: William Hill Limited
  • Founded: 1934
  • Licence number: RGL no. 034 & 042
  • Certified by:.Gibraltar Regulatory Authority;
  • LGA
William Hill is undoubtedly the most popular online casino in the UK£150 Welcome Bonus

William Hill Casino – Carrying on an 80-Year Tradition

At William Hill Casino you can get everything you need and more. Surely, you won’t get easily bored with the huge collection of high-quality Playtech games that the casino offers, nor you’ll ever get enough of playing with the amazing dealers in the live casino, provided by Evolution Gaming. Have a Paypal account? Then you can easily deposit and grab your first-deposit bonus up to £150. If not, you can choose between the over 40 other payment methods. And the icing on the cake is that now William Hill Casino is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices. By downloading the mobile app provided by the operator you can play your favourite slots, video-poker variations and table games on the go. Not to mention that there’s even a live-casino app for all the iPad and iPhone users.

Questions & Answers

Why is licensing so important?.

Only a proper official licence can confirm that the real-money casino you want to play in has sufficient amount of funds to pay off your winnings. In accordance with the applicable laws, the company has to hold the players’ money in separate accounts. Furthermore, in order to get licensed by the Gambling Commission, the company has to demonstrate that the software utilised is well-functioning and fair. Also, a customer support service should be available. Last but not least is the random number generator, which is crucial for the fairness and randomness of the outcome of the games. As you see, the licence is the most important feature of every legal and reliable online casino.

How do I know if the games are fair and safe?.

For the most part this question has been tackled in the answer above. Let me just add that the so-called random number generators that the casino uses for the determining of the outcome of a hand or a spin, operate independently from the casino software. Therefore, a forgery is not possible.

How can I be sure that my personal information will not be disclosed to third parties?.

Every licensed and trusted online casino has a strict privacy policy where it determines which data is processed internally. No legal casino will ever pass your information to third parties, except for when it is required for the transactions that you request. To protect yourself from identity theft or phishing, play at the best online casino sites which are licensed by the Gambling Commission.

What’s the importance of the payout percentages?.

The different casinos have different selection of games, which in turn have different odds. The odds in the games are though more of an average theoretical number than a realistic representation of how much the players are winning. This is where the payout percentage comes in and demonstrates how much exactly the casino is paying in winnings to the players compared to how much the players are betting. You may read a special article on slots payouts, to learn more. You need to know that all trusted online casinos provide this information on their sites. An example of an operator that has a great payout percentage compared to the majority of casinos is 888. eCOGRA’s most recent report on 888 shows that the average payout percentage for all roulette games, for example, is 97.43%. The payout percentage for the blackjack games is even higher – 98.10%. This is quite impressive, considering the fact that other casinos have a payout percentage for these games that is as low as 95%.

How does the law protect the online players?.

As a player in a licensed online casino you are entitled to the best legal protection. If a casino refuses for some reason to pay out your winnings or you have any other problems, you can always count on the Gambling Commission and the other state institutions for help and guidance. If you, however, choose to play at an unlicensed website, you will have no protection whatsoever.

Are there special bonus offers for British players?.

All the top online casinos have special bonus offers for UK players. Usually these bonus offers are pretty much the same as the ones that are for players from other parts of Europe, but instead in euro they are in pounds. This means that we Brits actually get the best bonus offers out of all European players, even if it’s just because our currency is the most expensive.

What should I know about the payments?.

As far as the payments at Internet casinos go, there are three things you should be mindful of: the conditions for using the payment method you’ve chosen, the bonus offers at the casino and the verification of identity required by the online casino when you first decide to withdraw. First, let’s talk about the characteristics of the payment methods. The different payment methods have different minimum and maximum deposit requirements, and the same is true for the withdrawals. On top of that there are sometimes special bonuses for different type of payment methods. For example, Eurogrand Casino offers 15% bonus on every deposit made via e-wallets like Paypal, Ukash or Skrill, and 10% bonus for all the deposits made with credit or debit cards. PayPal is especially popular and it’s highly recommended that you choose a casino that accepts it. Of course, if you deposit for the first time at the casino you’ve chosen to play at, you’ll be entitled to a welcome bonus, which usually matches 100% the amount of your deposit. Be sure you check the casino’s current bonus offer before you deposit. Sometimes you can obtain a great difference in the bonus amount with a little tweak in the deposit amount. Finally, don’t be surprised if you’re contacted by the customer service when you decide to make your first withdrawal. It’s a common practice that the casino will perform a security check on every player before they withdraw their winnings.